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Welcome to The Reids.

translation - <3 This comic is about Reid family from my main comic "Meago Saga". I wanted to draw thingies which wasn't in MS because of othe plot, and Reid family has own story. It's more sketchy-like than my main comic. I'm drawing it just for satisfaction :)

"The Reids" on the paper

So yeah, as u can remember, couple weeks ago i've mentioned about publishing 'The Reids'
Now i want to share with you some photos, cause they're arrived already *U*
As you see, there're two first chapters of comic, some ilustrations and extras (additional infos about charas)
Also, i noticed few typos OTL (just 2 at this moment) and other small mistakes, so i will fix all for the second relase >u< but anyway, i'm sooo happy *u*
Now i'm preparing for the shipping X3 i'm starting next week (cause i'm waiting for the bookmarks)

posted by meago @ June 6th, 2010, 5:25 am   25 comments

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